Taylor Software does Website Development in Johannesburg. All websites we design and develop are to the specifications made by YOU, our customer. We pride ourselves by the work we do and we make sure that it is all up to standard with the top websites out there! All of the websites we build is built with mobile in mind first. Our websites are built using WordPress. WordPress is used to build 75 million websites worldwide. That is the most out of all the CMS’s out there. Website Development in Johannesburg is our passion and we would love to share it with you. To see some of our more recent websites we have designed and developed visit our portfolio page.

Responsive Websites

Mobile. Tablet. Desktop. As we all know, when we think of something, the first thing we do is take out our phones and google what we are looking for. When we find it and the website does not fit on your phone’s screen we will usually leave the website. Statistics show that if a website does not load on mobile within 4 seconds users usually leave and go to another website. That is why we offer fully responsive websites. Fully responsive websites gives you the ability to view your website on any device and it is much faster to load. We make use of content delivery networks to load our images and in return our websites load much faster. Taylor Software’s website developers build fully responsive websites in and around Johannesburg. Feel free to give us a shout.


Our strategy is simple. Our strategy is to deliver. Websites throughout Johannesburg are needed more and more on a daily basis. Based on the task at hand we deliver the best product in the shortest amount of time and to keep on improving as we grow together. We are Website Developers in Johannesburg and our goal is to deliver the best websites that best suit you and your business. Taylor Software’s website development in Johannesburg strategies are set with the purpose of giving our customers the best out of their websites. We would love to deliver your next website for your business. To get to know us a bit more and to learn more about our strategies visit our about us page.

Google Analytics

At Taylor Software we do provide Google Analytics on all our websites. We send our customers a monthly report to show them how many visitors their website had for the month. With the google report we also compare the report of the current month with the report of the previous month. With Google Analytics we are able to tell you how many new and how many recurring visitors there has been to your website for the month. We also do SEO structuring for all our websites. This helps a website to rank higher in google more organically. Taylor Software also creates Google business accounts if your business does not already have one. This helps to tell google what you do and where you are situated. Taylor Software’s website development in Johannesburg can help you and your business reach greater heights.

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