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Little Minds Website On First Page Of Google

Taylor Software Website Designers in Edenvale got Little Minds Montessori onto the first page of Google. Little minds Montessori’s website is a 6 page fully responsive website by our Website Designers in Edenvale. This Website is for a Montessori in Edenvale called Little Minds Montessori.

This website has been fully optimized. The google page speed scores on this site is 97/100. For such an image rich website that score was a bonus for us. For all our websites we aim for 80+ on google scores.

This website was built on wordpress. All the images on the site is hosted by our content delivery network and that makes the website faster and more efficient. This website had links in to be able to download PDF files. Taylor Software Designed and Developed this website with the supervision of the owner of Little Minds.

Website Designers in Edenvale Design and Deliver Little Minds

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Little Minds Montessori on the first page of Google

Have a look at the images below. These are screenshot of Little Minds Website in Edenvale that got onto the first Page of Google Organically. This was done by Taylor Software.

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