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The Website is a total of 12 pages. This websites development was done with WordPress. We have added in the capability of blogs in the website. Wild World Volunteers Website had integration done for Language translations to french.

This website is an image rich website and we have done this while keeping the google page speed scores in the high 80’s.

For Wild World Volunteers Website we used an integration with Zopim online chat. This provides the capability to add a fully responsive online chat to the website.

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More about the Website for Wild World Volunteers.

Wild World Volunteers is a specialised Rehabilitation Volunteer Program that has been formed to educate people about the plight of endangered and injured African animals. We also believe that with the continued rate of human population expansion and the ongoing rape and destruction of natural habitats, strong action must be taken to ensure the continued survival of species now on the endangered list.

We, as a private facility with a passion for wildlife, take pride in offering a unique experience with memories that will last forever.

Our program is designed to run for two, three or four weeks. Two weeks will enable the Volunteer to complete the Rehabilitation Theory and enjoy at least one-week practical hands-on experience with needy animals, but we will accept volunteers for one week only.

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