We are Taylor Software.

Let us take your website to the NEXT level.

What we offer


All Sites we design and develop are to the specifications made by YOU, our customer. We pride ourselves by the work we do and design and we make sure that it is all up to standard with the top sites out there!


Our strategy is simple. Our strategy is to deliver. Based on the task at hand we try our best to deliver he best product in the shortest amount of time and to keep on improving as e grow together.

Responsive Websites

As we all know, when we look for something the first thing we do is take out our phones and google for whatever it is we are looking for and if the site does not fit on your phones screen you will leave and go somewhere else! That is why we offer fully responsive websites.

SEO and Google Analytics

Search engine optimization is the natural way our getting your website to rank with some of the top sites out there. We do full SEO and to add to that we also do Google Analytics and send you a report monthly to show you how many visitors your site had for the month and when they came.

How we work.

1 The first thing we do is get to know you and your business. As we are trying to do something that is you and your company and something that will make your website shout out USE ME!

2 Secondly we design and develop your website according to the specifications we have. We also set up your website for Google Analytics and SEO. We run a couple of tests on our websites to show you what google thinks about your website.

3 Last but not least we do a "hand-over" which means we come to you and we show you your new site and give you a full demo as well as your test scores. If anything needs to be changed after that we do it for you and we take the site live. after that we also give monthly report.