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6 Steps to a good website design

Website Design Johannesburg gives you 6 things to remember when designing your next website.

Getting ready for a new website design in Johannesburg, or even rebuilding the website you already have? Here are 6 simple strategies to keep in mind when designing your website to make it more user friendly.

1. Keep the design simple

It does not matter what part of the website you are thinking about whether it is the home page or navigation, it is important to keep it simple. Don’t make it difficult for users to find what they are looking for. If you want users on your website to press a button or fill out a form, don’t make them scroll to find it. Make the button or form easy to find, and use your site’s navigation (menu). If there is a certain thing you have in mind that you would like the users too see when they land on your website, you can even have a small popup on the home page.

2. Keep it short and to the point

The shorter content is, the easier it is to read. This way you will get your point across more easy. See?

3. White Space is Your Friend

When designing your new website be sure to provide some room between lines of text and set up some white spaced borders on either side of the content to make sure the content is not too wide which will make the content difficult to read. Allow for some space around images and videos. These strategies allow for the users eyes to visually organise and scan your content more easily. This could lead to the user staying on the website a whole lot longer.

4. Speaking of Colors, here is some tips on colors

Make sure to use some restraint — your users will thank you. Pick a primary color that will provide the foundation of your design, then pick a contrasting accent color for important buttons and other interface elements. Use tools like Adobe Color ( to explore different combinations of colors that look great together and that will compliment your website.

5. Make it easy for users to follow your social media feeds

One of the big things not to forget is to invite users to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks. This helps bring users back to your website over and over. This is also a good way to advertise specials and white some blogs as well.

6. Header Hierarchy with HTML

To use a consistent hierarchy of headers is a very important factor for the visitors to know where they are going to be encountering next. In HTML, these look like H1, H2, H3, and so forth. These headers show the structure of your content H1 header tag will be your biggest header where H6 will be your smallest header. It is important to use headers in a decreasing format, so from H1 down to H6, so the users will know the importance of the content. Below will be the examples of the different header tags and their sizes






If you are unsure about the design you would like speak to us here at Taylor Software and we will help you choose the correct design that will benefit your business.

We’d love to hear form you about some of your design ideas. Good luck!

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